The time is right for the third generation of digital health

The technology is ready, the regulatory context is becoming clearer, and — accelerated by pandemic-driven paradigm shifts — both patients and physicians appear eager. The third generation of

digital health is with us, bringing transformational digital medicine and therapeutics…

Chronic diseases: a failure of decision making

Chronic disease is the world’s leading cause of premature mortality, a huge burden on healthcare costs — and, in most cases, preventable. So why aren’t we preventing it? Much is down to individuals’ ability to make healthy decisions. …

The anatomy of digital healthcare ecosystems

Latest thinking on healthcare innovation spotlights the notion of health ecosystems and their evolution in line with the sector’s new reality and needs. …

Clinical outcomes for digital health solutions cannot be exported. This may be a good thing

Unlike drugs, digital health solutions — with outcomes predicated on changing behaviors — need to be trialed locally to allow for the impact of culture on how people act. …


Axenya is a digital health platform company that empowers Latin-American physicians and patients to plug into the future of medicine.

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